A guide to buying Smartwatch

Looking a smartwatch? Look no further! Fitnamics has got you covered.

Smartwatches are very much a mainstream tech category now, and with 35 million expected to be bought by the end of 2018, there are many contenders for the crown of best smartwatch.

Smartwatches can come with similar functions such as GPS tracking and delivering notifications to your wrist, they also vary in style and in attributes such as keeping track of your health and playing music. Consider the following guidelines to make sure you purchase the right smartwatch for your lifestyle.

Device Compatibility

Before you buy a smartwatch, check whether it is compatible with your phone. Most smartwatches are built to be companions to IOS and Android devices. At Fitnamics, we stock a variety of brands whose smartwatches connect to both Android and IOS users, such as Garmin, Amazfit.




We have smart watches which have bluetooth and phone companion functions such as Huami Amazfit 2 Stratos pace 2 Smartwatch  which on the outside looks like a normal timekeeping watch but has hand polished ceramic bezel reflects the charming luster making it withstand daily scrapping. It has functions such as GPS, Wireless music. Ultimately one of the first decisions you need to make is do you want a touchscreen with color display, or a watch which looks traditional but does so much more. One thing to bear in mind is that although a touchscreen color display seems like the right choice, it does tend to use more battery then watches without this display.

Fitness Features

Our smartwatches  have a features specifically for fitness lifestyle.

Heart-rate monitor and pedometer for those that want to count their steps and keep a tab on their health. Fitness smartwatches have the capability to track a variety of different sports which will suit a range of lifestyles so definitely a feature that should be considered before purchasing your first smartwatch.


There are many brands in the market some with high street names. However, in most cases the bigger the budget of your watch, the bigger the capabilities and functions it will have. Smartwatches we stock on our website start from only $26 .

If you want to have a look through the range of smartwatches we stock on our website click here to browse. If you have any questions about our guide on buying smartwatches then you can contact us via our website or via phone.


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